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Saskia Wesselius

If you have a question or feel that there is something you are not comfortable with you can reach me by email or by phone +31 651087950.

The work of a confidential contact person

You can contact the confidential contact person (VCP) if you have questions about bullying, racism, discrimination because of religion, belief, sexual orientation or behavior that crosses boundaries.

Within North Sea Beach Rugby the confidential contact person is the first point of contact for anyone who has a question about transgressive behavior. A confidential contact person offers a listening ear, gives advice and can refer to professional help if necessary.

It is important that anyone who contacts the confidential contact person can tell their story.

A confidential contact person is available to everyone involved in North Sea Beach Rugby. A VCP does not take sides as a result of what is discussed. The VCP is not a counsellor and does not investigate incidents in the organisation. A VCP listens, thinks along and knows the sports network. This makes this role a welcome addition to the tasks of the board. A socially safe sports environment is very important for everyone within North Sea Beach Rugby. If you have a personal problem or there are other confidential matters that you do not want to discuss with your coach, supervisor or the board you can always contact the confidential contact person.

And where necessary, referrals can be made to other authorities as needed. It is important to note that the board always remains responsible at North Sea Beach Rugby. Therefore, a VCP must report any incident to the board. This can always be done anonymously if you feel more comfortable doing so.