North Sea Beach Rugby is a multi-day national and international beach rugby event held in the Hague. It is played in the unique The Hague Beach Stadium on the beach of Scheveningen beach and when it is possible in the wintertime in the spectaculair indoor BeachHal Zuiderpark Campus.The Beach Rugby tournament in the Hague acquired (inter)national status with the recognition of EBRA (European Beach Rugby Association) and the Dutch Rugby Union. North Sea Beach Rugby is now officially part of the European Beach Fives Rugby series. And of course the Dutch Championship Beach Rugby.

Beach Fives Rugby is characterized by speed and strength

At North Sea Beach Rugby, Beach Fives Rugby is played. This is the fastest form of rugby. Beach Fives Rugby is a contact sport where stamina, tactics and ball handling skills form the basis of a spectacle for players and spectators alike. As a result, Beach Fives Rugby wins more and more in popularity. The pitch measures 25 by 25 meters with 5 players and 7 substitutes. An important rule is the 2 seconds rule. When a player contacts the ball or is tackled by an opponent, the player must pass or release the ball within 2 seconds. Furthermore, there are no scrums and line-outs during the game. For all info and game laws beach rugby click here or watch our own TV channel

North Sea Beach Rugby is the official provider of Fives Rugby in the Netherlands.

North Sea Beach Rugby is a member of EBRA (European Beach Rugby Association) and the Dutch Rugby Union which guarantees top teams and referees. The matches at North Sea Beach rugby will count towards the European Beach Fives Rugby Series. And of course there is the Dutch Championship Beach Rugby for Dutch teams which is recognized by Rugby Netherlands.

At North Sea Beach Rugby, not only top-class sport is important.
Grassroots sport is also important.

People of all levels can participate in grassroots sport, which is often intended to get people (back) up and moving. And, it is not only the exercise that is important, it is also the fun of being active around other people. Grassroots sport is any form of sport or game that is not regarded as an elite sport. Grassroots sport is appropriate for novices and accessible for everyone, and it is often successfully targeted towards kids and youngsters. North Sea Beach Rugby will soon get involved in things like school outreach in The Hague to drum up enthusiasm for the game of rugby and Beach Rugby. Reasons being, rugby is good for building social skills, learning to work together, team spirit, and fostering respect.

North Sea Beach Rugby - Are you ready for an ultimate rugby weekend in The Hague at the Beach Stadium or Indoor Beachhal Sportcampus.