There are many ways of getting here. Here is some useful travel information before the trip to Beach Stadium and Sportcampus Zuiderpark in The Hague in the Netherlands begins. North Sea Beach Rugby recommends the use of public transport to travel and if you live in the Hague, cycling is also a healthy option.

More info on all transport links but also tourist information see the website of This is The Hague.

The nearest airports are Amsterdam Schiphol and Rotterdam/The Hague Airport. Another popular airport is Eindhoven Airport. This one is a bit further away. The Hague is easily accessible by public transport from all airports. For all travel possibilities by public transport to The Hague, see also the websites of Dutch Railways or Openbaar Vervoer.

There is a secured Biesieklette bicycle parking next to the Beach Stadium. There is also an unguarded bicycle and scooter parking area at Beach Stadium. It is not allowed to place bikes and the like on the approach route to the stadium as the emergency services have to use it. Bikes and scooters will be removed at your own risk.

In addition, in The Hague there are possibilities to use electric scooters via various companies such as Felyx and Go-Sharing. Or rent a bicycle at the Railway station or your hotel.

The Beach Rugby locations are easily to be reached by public transport. For the national public transport see the planner of Dutch Railways or Openbaar Vervoer. For public transport in The Hague, you can use the planner of the HTM.

In the bus and tram of HTM you can also check in with your debit, mobile or credit card. For all info, see HTM website.

If you do decide to come by car, you can use P+R Transferium Den Haag or paid parking near the stadium.

P+R Transferium Den Haag
A good alternative by car is to use P+R Transferium The Hague. There you can park your car all day and continue your journey by public transport to The Hague Beach Stadium for a low rate.

Parking garages
Close to Beach Stadium is Q-Park Strandweg. Info and reservations via this link from Q-Park.

Another option for parking on the Boulevard is parking garage Interparking. However, this one is further away from the Stadium. Info and reservations via this link from Interparking.


For more information see P+R Transferium The Hague.

Regularly there are road works held in the Hague. Before you leave, it is helpful to know how you can best drive. Click here for on this link.