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Program and start of competitions


Seniors teams

  • 10:00 uur register team and handle formalities (this may also be done on Friday June 23)
  • 11:00 starting time matches
  • ±18:00 end of the matches and start program evening

Youth up to U12

  • 09:00 uur register team and handle formalities 
  • 10:00 starting time matches
  • ±16:00 end of the matches


Seniors teams

  • 10:30 be present in Beach Stadium
  • 11:00 uur starting time matches
  • ±18:00 uur end of the matches and start program evening

Youth U14, U16 and U18

  • 10:00 uur register team and handle formalities (do this preferably online - saves us all time)
  • 11:00 starting time matches
  • ±18:00 end of the matches and start program evening

For full program follow this link.

Please note that  the games begin exactly. The schedule of the matches will be given one week in advance to all participants and once again provided on every morning during the tournament with the latest updates.

How much is the registration fee and how to pay

Registration fee for senior teams € 300.00 per team  and youth teams  (U14, U16 en U16) € 75,00 per team. After registration you will receive an invoice with all relevant information. You can register by this link.

For registration youth teams and the costs for participation under the twelve years send us a mail We will then put you in touch with the right people.

Teams / age category

At North Sea Beach Rugby Men's and Women's teams play, Youth teams U18, U16, U14, U12, U10 and U8.

How many people in a team

Een team bestaat uit maximaal 12 spelers en 3 begeleiders.

What is included in the registration fee

Participants regularly ask what they get for the entry fee.

A team signing up gets the following (besides exciting matches in a unique stadium):

  • access to the tournament
  • locker and shower room
  • free use of the physiotherapists on site
  • medical care
  • access to the event following the matches 

An event like North Sea Beach Rugby requires many other costs.The accommodation, hiring equipment, players and visitors safety, etc.


 North Sea Beach Rugby has its own camping location and agreements with Novotel World Forum (offer is limited so please be on time). You can also use the various hotel and other lodging websites compare and or books. Further see this link.


North Sea Beach Rugby is currently working on filling out evening meals at an attractive price. Soon more info about this.

A breakfast costs €5.00 per person. This can be stated during the registration (no later than 2 weeks prior to event) or also via an email to the organisation.


Each team / player is responsible for his own health and / or accident insurance. Any insured person in an EU, EES country or Switzerland has the right to receive medically required health care from a public health care provider within the EU.       To prove this you have to show the European Health Insurance card together with your ID card by a visit to the doctor or hospital.

What to do after the games
After the matches there will be activities on Saturday and/or Sunday to end the day with the famous third half. Not only after the matches but also during the day there are activities.
For all info follow this link.
How to register

A team can register by this link. Two weeks before the event should be registrated all the participating players. This is the download by this link.

Closing registration teams

The registrations of the teams and the registration fee must be received no later than 1 month before the start of the North Sea Beach Rugby event. 

Furthermore, the names of the players must be known two weeks in advance. For this you can fill in this online form.


How long is a Beach Fives match

A match consists of two halves of 5 minutes each with a 3 minutes’ interval.

Size field

The beach fives rugby field has a total length of 31 meters (25 meter playing field and 2 in-goal areas of 3 meters) and a total width of 25 meters.

Why Beach 5s Rugby and what is the difference with Beach Sevens

Let us get right to the point.

World Rugby and Rugby Europe only recognize Beach 5s Rugby with the 2 second rule as the only correct form. All other forms of Beach Rugby are not official.

At Beach Fives Rugby, everything is aimed at fast and spectacular rugby for both players and spectators. For instance, there are no scrums and line-outs, and the playing field is much smaller. The 2 second rule is an important rule with Beach Fives rugby. When a player comes in contact with the ball or is tackled by an opponent, the player must pass on or let go of the ball within 2 seconds.


Beach Fives Rugby - the fastest game of (Beach) Rugby.

How many players

The teams are made up of 5 ‘in-field’ players, 7 replacements are admitted and interchangeable at times during the match without any need to call for the referee’s permission, although the interchange must take place only during a standstill of play. In this event, players may enter the field


All the players shall wear tear-resistant jerseys and not t-shirts with the players’ numbers on the back. Beach Fives Rugby is also played without footwear. Protective socks are allowed. Before the start of the game, this is controlled by either referee or other officials for the tournament.


Beach Rugby with five players (Beach Fives) is a straightforward and easy-to-understand contact sport. The game rules are clear and specially devised for North Sea Beach Rugby to make everything revolve around speed and excitement.  Beach Rugby (Beach Fives Rugby) is gaining more and more popularity among players as well as spectators. For rules follow this link.


The official matches are refereed by expert national and international referees. This is in line with EBRA (European Beach Rugby Association) requirements. There are a referee, two line judges and two officials at each match (to keep track of time penalties, correct exchange etc.).

After the match, match forms are transferred to the match administration.


About the EBRA (European Beach Rugby Association)

North Sea Beach Rugby is an official member of EBRA (European Beach Rugby Association). EBRA is the international governing body for Beach Fives Rugby and organizes, among other things, the spectacular European Beach Fives Rugby circuit.

The mission of the European Beach Rugby Association and its members is to work together to promote Beach Fives Rugby in Europe.

European circuit
North Sea Beach Rugby is part of the European Beach Rugby circuit with teams from among others France, Italy, Germany, Portugal and of course all Dutch teams. Some teams play in other tournaments of the EBRA Circuit and eventually play the finals at the end of July. Click here for an explanation of the tournament and the EBRA Series conditions.
Why EBRA member

Top Beach Fives Rugby has been played in Southern Europe for almost 20 years. North Sea Beach Rugby would like to further develop this spectacular form of Beach Rugby in the Netherlands. The European Beach Rugby Association fully supports this initiative to further develop Beach Fives Rugby. In addition, the tournament in The Hague is used to further promote Beach Fives Rugby in Northern Europe.

Other international rugby collaborations

North Sea Beach Rugby partners with Beach Fives Rugby Curaçao. Curaçao is the springboard to North and South America where Beach Fives Rugby is very popular. Curaçao is an official member of Rugby America North.


Who can take part
Only Dutch teams can become Dutch Champion Beachrugby.
The matches are for the seniors (men and women) and for the youth (U14, U16 and U18). See also teams.
The seniors play on Saturday and Sunday and the youth (U14, U16 and U18) on Sunday. Besides the Dutch Championship, the teams also play in the international tournament. For full program follow this link.
Is the Dutch Championship recognized

The Dutch Championship Beachrugby is recognized by Rugby Nederland (Dutch Rugby Union)and is played according to the rules of World Rugby (the only recognized form of Beachrugby is Beach 5s Rugby).

Terms and conditions

Participation in the Dutch Championship is subject to conditions. Click here to read them under the heading "conditions for teams participating in the Dutch Championship".


Who can take part

The tournament is for the age categories 7-8 years (Turves), 9-10 years (Benjamins) and 11-12 years (Mini's) and is played on Saturdays. For the program see this link.

Rules of the game

Except for the U8 (they play Tag-Rugby) everyone plays Beach 5s Rugby just like the other age groups. For the rules click here.

Sign up

For registration click on this link.



Own drinks and food

North Sea Beach Rugby asks your understanding that it is not allowed to bring your own alcoholic beverages and food items to the Stadium during the event. Consuming your own food or beverages in catering establishments in the stadium is not allowed during the entire tournament. The organization is entitled to confiscate all alcoholic beverages people have brought with them.

This is among other things by the Beach Stadium/City of the Hague.



Location of the tournament

The beach and Beach Stadium of the Hague/Scheveningen is easy to reach from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport and Rotterdam/The Hague International Airport.

North Sea Beach Rugby recommends the use of public transport to travel and if you live in the Hague, cycling is also a healthy option.

For all information about transport and parking possibilities see page transport.


Do I pay to see matches

North Sea Beach Rugby can be visited for FREE during the matches.


North Sea Beach Rugby strives to ensure everyone can enjoy top Beach Fives Rugby. Although the Stadium is on the beach, it can be reached easily by wheelchair. Special wheelchair spaces are available in the stadium. Our staff can assist you with this. If you wish to attend the games or have any other questions, please send an email to



In rugby, respect is of paramount importance. We also expect this from the spectators. North Sea Beach Rugby doesn't tolerate unacceptable behaviour such as racist, sexist, offensive and discriminatory statements, sexual harassment, bothersome and aggressive behaviour towards other visitors and destructiveness.


Participants and visitors must adhere to the safety regulations in force at the stadium. Instructions from the staff of North Sea Beach Rugby should be immediately followed in the interest of their own safety.

Drugs, alcohol and smoking

North Sea Beach Rugby has a "zero tolerance" policy on drugs. Should anyone be caught, the Organization has the right to deny access to the festival to anyone, at any time.

A NIX policy applies to alcohol and smoking for under 18. You could possibly be asked for an ID. Smoking is in any case not allowed on the festival site, except in the specified zones.


Visitors are entering the North Sea Beach Rugby premises and attending the matches at their own risk. The organization and its partners are not responsible for damage to visitors' property.