Conditions to participate in Beachrugby Mastercup

Teams wishing to participate in the Beachrugby MasterCup (European finals teams EBRA Series) must meet the following conditions with the results of the previous year applicable:

  • Winner of a tournament from the EBRA Beachrugby series such as the tournament of  North Sea Beach Rugby
  • Final ranking European circuit EBRA Series
  • National Champion Beach Rugby (recognized by the national rugby organization)
  • The Dutch Championship for example is under the auspices of Rugby Netherlands and only applies to Dutch teams.


  • Teams still have to participate in two tournaments in the same year as the final.
  • If there is still room left in the final, wild cards will be made available. This is based on the overall ranking of the European Beach Rugby Circuit.

With this new set-up, there is more transparency for the teams in the set-up of the European Circuit and clear who is going to the finals. There is also more time for the teams to plan and organize the Beach Rugby season.

The final score of the EBRA Series and the names of the teams that can participate in the finals will be published on the website of the European Beach Rugby Association (EBRA). The EBRA also personally invites the teams to register for the final game.

For the latest news and updates and regulations also check the EBRA site.

For the general terms for participation in North Sea Beach Rugby click here.