To give the sport a good foundation for the future, Rugby Nederland and North Sea Beach Rugby find it important to give referees the opportunity to get acquainted with beach rugby. We expect from referees a positive attitude and appearance with enthusiasm for the sport and willingness to help the players get the best out of themselves by properly managing and coaching matches. In other words, referees are key to the game and ambassadors of the sport.

The Workgroup Youth Rugby Referees (WJRS) of the Dutch Rugby Union (Rugby Nederland), of which Mireya Dijkstra and Edwin van der Spek are members, has organised some great events especially for this young talents. One of these is at North Sea Beach Rugby in the weekend of 18 and 19 June 2022. Young referees are sought to referee on the Saturday or Sunday during our event. The young referees will be refereeing mainly youth matches and assisting with national and international recognised referees.

The referee coaches appointed by Workgroup will support and guide the young referees in their further development in order to increase their confidence and give them extra pleasure in refereeing matches. There are also international exchanges with other EBRA members.

Prior to the tournament there is an introduction to refereeing, an explanation of the sport and its rules and a match schedule.The future referees will be accepted as full members of the refereeing group and will also receive the official referee uniforms. There is also a possibility to assist at the finals.

But there is also an additional programme for four young, ambitious referees!

They will be at North Sea Beach Rugby the whole weekend. They will accompany an EBRA referee and assist in senior matches. Youth referees in possession of a WR level 1 or higher referee certificate and at least 14 years old can participate.

This group will of course receive guidance and coaching from the EBRA and Rugby Nederland amongst others. A translator is also available if necessary for international matches or coaching. And of course accommodation in a hotel where all national and international referees stay. Possibility to referee a final of the youth series and chance for exchange abroad in 2023 at other international matches of the EBRA Series.

North Sea Beach Rugby hopes to contribute to the future of our great sport through this programme set up by the Rugby Nederland Working Group.
A programme in which international cooperation forms an important part, such as the exchange with Portugal and Hungary.