European Beach Rugby Association and Sports Development Beach and Snow Rugby plan the future

The agreement signed between the 2 European beach and snow rugby organizers is a historic agreement. After 3 years of gazing, the official meeting took place between the two CEOs, the Dutch Kasper Bleijenberg and the Russian Ilya Volodarskiy.

E.B.R.A. was the first international organization to conceive a European beach rugby circuit for clubs and to be present in Portugal, Spain, France, Holland, Italy, Hungary.

S.D.B.S.R. for 3 years he has been organizing the European Cup of Beach and Snow Rugby for Nations in Moscow with the support of the Russian Rugby Federation and Rugby Europe. For 2021, the project will expand to 2 legs in Moldova (Chisinau on 12 and 13 June) and in Latvia (Jurmala on 4 and 5 July). The final in Moscow will be played on 11 and 12 September.

“We are very happy that this agreement has been signed – declares the President Ebra Kasper Bleijenberg – to increase the quality of European beach rugby and to expand the partnerships of the beach rugby circuit for clubs to the east”.

“Ebra has a prestige in Europe for the quality of the organized circuit – said the CEO of SDBSR Ilya Volodarskiy – and I am convinced that the collaboration will bring benefits to both organizations.”

Will the signed agreement create collaboration to create legs of the beach rugby circuit for Nations in Western Europe and stages of the European circuit for clubs in Eastern Europe?

“We are open to collaborations with competent and experienced organizers who enjoy the official support of the Union of their country – replies Ilya Volodarskiy – I was able to talk to Kasper Bleijenberg and Giancarlo Stocco (organizer of the event in Lignano) and we found a shared line to follow ”.

“Expanding the EBRA SERIES to Eastern European organizations is definitely an advantage for all teams and organizations that want to compete on an international level – replies Kasper Bleijenberg – and there will certainly be new opportunities”.

Europe is under COVID-19 emergency. What events can be held?

“The RUGBY EUROPE BEACH TOUR 2021 for national teams will take place only in Jurmala (Latvia) and Moscow (Russia). Moldova currently has very serious problems with COVID-19 – replies Ilya Volodarskiy – No other manifestations are confirmed in Europe ”.

“Next Saturday the members of the EBRA will meet in the General Assembly to decide the summer of 2021 – replies Kasper Bleijenberg – We will evaluate the European situation.”

The dawn of a new strong and consolidated European beach rugby collaboration is born. The evaluation of snow rugby will be the second step. It seems that only COVID-19 can currently slow the development of the ambitious project.